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Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Cure's Robert Smith
solo at Spain Bilboa's BBK Fest

Instead of panicking after technical issue at Spain Bilboa's BBK Festival, Robert Smith plays a live, acoustic set...on his own. 

Honestly, Smith is one of the few things that melts my coal heart. The last time I saw them at Curiosa 2004, in Toronto, I found myself alone. I went to the concert with people who had "real jobs" and they basically left before The Cure (headliner!) took stage!!! <-- Unheard of! 

And as soon as Smith opened his mouth and started singing, something came over me, and I just started to weep uncontrollably. Thank God I was alone. 

Even though his hair looks more dishevelled than it did in the '80s, his voice remains the same.


posted by Stephania at 3:25 pm
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