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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Guess who's performing, in my city,
on Canada Day??
Not sure how this happened, but Carly Rae Jepsen will be performing in the city's fairly new hub, Celebration Square!  Truth be told, I have NEVER celebrated Canada Day...in my own city.  Instead, I have gone downtown to places like Harbourfront Centre, concerts at Ontario Place, etc.

My ultimate decision really depends on what these places have to offer:  Free multicultural bands performing on a stage?  I'm there!  Food trucks?  I'm there too!  Platinum Blond headlining with drunk, PWTs as the core audience?  I'm totally there!

Another 'key' is FREE.  I am not paying to celebrate Canada's Bday, unless it's travel expenses somewhere, complete with some kickass band.

Unless you're planning to ride the subway, driving to these downtown events is not recommended!  After being stuck in my car for 2+ hours, leaving promptly after the fireworks were discharged, I stayed away from Toronto Canada Day events altogether.

Currently, I'm scouring the web to compile a list of options, but I'm afraid this (huge) event is poorly covered, i.e. NO DETAILS!!!  So CRJ, here I come...

Girl better not be a no-show either! 

...so Mississauga maybe??

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posted by Stephania at 12:11 pm
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