Rage Against Suburban Zombie-ism
Tuesday, June 12, 2012

"Everyone here is fat and dumb."

Young Adult wasn't exactly my fav movie, but let's just say there were moments that I could relate to.  Re:  Above pic in which Charlize Theron's character, Mavis Gary (a writer), gives her peer's offspring the side-eye.  Something that I shamelessly do, conscious or otherwise.

In addition to those relatable moments, there were also glimpses of dialogue that sounded like something that I'd pen too, re:  "Everyone here (suburbs/small town) is fat and dumb."

Anyway, I was at the mall today and noticed A LOT of fat, young people.  :(((  I'm not talkin' about young mothers who just pushed one of these cryin', whinin' watermelons out of their "straws", but like young-young in like high school/uni!  And I'm not talkin' about 5-10lbs overweight, just chubby, but outright f-a-t.

So I can't really say anything about the dumb part, but we certainly have our fair share of people who DON'T need that bubble tea/frappuccino!


posted by Stephania at 7:54 pm
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