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Monday, June 04, 2012

Eaton Centre Shootin'

Okay, so hypothetically, if the Eaton Centre incident took place somewhere in an American mall, would some Good Samaritan, a.k.a. Rambo, man-with-nothing-to-lose, crazy ass mutherfucker, have physically tackled the shooter down?

I'm thinking, YES, as this seems like a normal occurrence across the border.

Since there were soo many witnesses, how come this guy wasn't caught by some vigilante/MMA-in-training/somewhere who works out a lot?  

I know Rambo died too being the hero, but does everyone value their lives that much?  Apparently so in the city of Toronto...

Btw, my American cousin just called this city "hella ghetto" and I quote, "becoming the US".  AWESOME.

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posted by Stephania at 1:31 am
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