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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

My Predictions for 
Bachelorette Finalists... 

Arie Luyendyk Jr.

...he's a bit more polished on the show, not as per this '08 mugshot for some driving-related offense.

His former relationship with former Bachelorette Producer, circa '03, is also a bit duplicitous, but he's definitely a contender for the person who'll get out of the limo/heli/speedboat, proposing, with Emily's acceptance at the finalé.

Jef Holm

Sketchiness aside, Arie does come across as the "sensitive type". However, a close second prediction is Jef, with 1 'f', Holm. Some Gap-version of hipster from Utah.

Although he's only a year younger than Emily, who is 26...yikes!, he appears a bit too "edgy" for her. So he's more of a personal pick!

Sean Lowe, a.k.a. the blonde guy, did factor into my predictions, but he's much too boring to be chosen. Nice, albeit too safe/snoozy.

Emily is no Red Bull herself, but visually, I guess, America likes her. *yawn*

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posted by Stephania at 11:37 am
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