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Tuesday, May 08, 2012

I hate
Not the person, but the concept of "affordable luxury". Luxury shouldn't be affordable and thus driving the desire.

My mindset is that if you can't afford Louis Vuitton, don't carry Michael Kors or worse yet, Canal St. LV.  :(  Instead, stick with solid quality merchandise and better yet, quality that's vintage.

And if you can't afford a gold watch, with diamond bezel, that resembles a Rolex, just get a Japan/Swiss-made, stainless steal - NO BLING-BLING.

Instead of making yourself look rich, these pieces of "affordable luxury" actually cheapens the person. There's nothing sadder than people with no point of reference.

The only acceptable place for "affordable luxury" is in high school.

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posted by Stephania at 8:54 pm
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