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Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Depeche Mode's

Happy Bday, Dave! 

I usually date down in age, but I'd make an exception for you...at 50. Cannot. believe. it.  How hot do you look.

Dave had a history with the bad stuff, but no one would believe it if they saw you in person.  

I asked this dude who did "every drug under the sun" about what particular drug caused the least physical damage and he said, "Coke"...until your septum caves in.  Dave's drug of choice was - hopefully my use of the past tense is accurate - heroin, but I'd say that that looks pretty good on him.

Just kiddin' kids, don't do drugs!  They're expensive and you hafta deal with some shady peeps.
Please refer to Faces of Meth as your cheap 'n easy version of Scared Straight!

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posted by Stephania at 11:41 pm
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