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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Facebook Fights

I love generating discussions, but how come these discussions seem to turn into fights?

Example #1:  I was getting sick of mother-"friends" posting, Facebook statusing updates about their dumbass babies shittin'.  So I Facebook commented about it, in a general statement.   BOOM.  One "friend", not even the particular one I was referring to, gets her guard up, states that she's pretty proud of her baby, thinks he's cute, and prompts me to remove her from my feed.  <-- Which I already did like a month prior to this 'cause it was just too much!

Example #2:  I responded to another "friends" status, as a joke, but I guess it came off as an ignorant comment.  (As to be expected if I was taken literally.)  Another one of his "friends", joins in, basically telling me that I was "fuckin' crazy" for having this thought/belief.  Again, it was a joke.  So I promptly removed both of them as "friends".  Fine.  We didn't really know each other anyway.  No real loss.

And the list goes on.  Most of the time, it begins with me stating my thoughts, then it snowballs from there.

These fights oftentimes spill onto my personal life as well.  Like that one time that my Standup Comedy Instructor accused me of being a racist.  ME.  Whatever, White Lady!

Ever since then, I still haven't been able to think of 1 act that 1) wasn't offensive AND 2) was still funny! 

Initially, I guess I do take people's disagreements as personal attacks.  (This stems from a dysfunctional childhood and being bullied throughout grade school.)  However, I should keep this mantra in mind:  If I'm not offending someone, I'm doing something wrong!

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