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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Does vintage fur/leather...count?

I realise this is sorta off-season, but to all those in the PETA/anti-animal cruelty/vegan world, is previously worn fur/leather goods "okay"?

Today, after not stepping into a Goodwill for years, I stopped by one enroute.  I spotted this silver fox coat, small size (usually I find vintage fur HUGE/long), and in pristine condition. 

While I was holding onto it, near a mirror, this bitchy Eastern-European lady says, "I want you to put it on for me" and I obliged...for some strange reason.  (I was under her spell.)  EE Lady proceeds to twirl her finger, instructing me to spin around, "I don't like it on you!  You look BIG!"  In which I responded, "I don't care!  I'm gettin' it anyway!"

She sorta turns her cart away and I spot her grabbing another fur coat and putting it directly into her buggie.

Oh, I see what she was trying to do...reverse psychology!  Well, it didn't work.  ;)

(In addition to the fox fur coat, I also got a pair of black, Stuart Weitzman pumps with metal, silver heels with embedded crystals.  So if I wear 'em together, I will look like an '80s hooker!)

So back to my original point, does buying vintage fur/leather items condone cruelty towards animals?  I mean, it's not as if you're buying from a fur store, right?

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posted by Stephania at 12:58 am
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