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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Michelle Yu,
YOU are an embarrassment!

Dear Michelle,

You are a fuckin' embarrassment to Asian women, not only in the GTA, but all over the world!  You really should be ashamed of the mess and worry that you caused to not only your family, but law enforcement as well.  What a waste of time & money that your actions have caused! 

Obvi I don't know why you ultimately ran away from home, causing an Amber Alert to be put on your ass, but there is no doubt that you are one selfish muthafucka.  Not only are you selfish and self-centered, but you have MAJOR communication issues that you have to address before you become one of the many passive-aggressive, old school Asians.

Fact:  You have a heart condition and never took your meds with you.  You are either dumb or a drama queen.

Fact:  At 18 and still a Girl Guide??  You should be failing GGs because isn't their motto, "Be Prepared", re:  see above fact.  Not sure if this is a choice, but I suspect that your parents are trying to run your life as I quit GG back in mid-high school.

Fact:  You didn't own up to your own mistakes, a major pet peeve of mine.  Sure, you apologised, but why didn't you provide a viable REASON for your actions?  Babies run away, not grown ass women!  So step the fuck up and please erase this bad rep that you have perpetuated for Asian women across the GTA.

This is definitely not a death-threat, but I just wanted to express my complete and utter outrage at this childish prank.  I hope that both you & your family intend to pay back the taxpayers of Toronto for all the manpower that they have spent on your recovery.  

Grow the fuck up!


Stephania, an Asian female who had all the problems in the world and never, ever, ever would even dream of causing such as disruption when I was your age.

Click here for the news story.

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posted by Stephania at 12:14 pm
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