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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

These Drivers =

Most Likely To Cheat

(Hint: The top spot has nothing to do with the above Pebbles song!)

According to this article, based on a UK survey, if you spouse/partner drives the following car, chances are higher that he's a cheater:

1.  BMW;
2.  Audi, and;
3.  Mercedes.

4th & 5th shout-out goes to Jaguar and Land Rover.  :(  While Fiat drivers are least likely to cheat on your ass!

SOO...does this sorta mean that if your bedfellow is rich then he's probably a cheater?   OR that cheaters prefer German, for the most part, engineering?  OR since BMWs/Mercedes and I'm assuming Audis don't cost that much, at least in Germany, that they probably don't cost that much in the UK, so wealth is irrelevant to someone's scruples, so it's probably just a coincidence?

If this survey took place here, yielding the same 1/2/3 results, they would either be doing well for themselves OR in massive debt.  As for 4/5 results, you don't need him anyway 'cause he's not a very smart shopper since those cars are for show ONLY.  In today's economy, who the hell buys a Jag or a Land Rover anyway?

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posted by Stephania at 6:45 pm
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