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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Fido Solution? Social Media Shame Them!

(Read part I here.)

Okay, so I have a new, FREE Blackberry Curve now. :)))

Although I needed a new phone, I wasn't stuck on getting this particular phone, but it was more about the principle of integrity. Fido called to offer me a free phone, I agreed, apparently I didn't qualify and was never informed which left me disgruntled as a customer.

In order to seek consumer justice, I did the following things: called them, blogged about my ordeal, posting the link to Fido's Facebook/Twitter, and I also contacted them through their website.

Out of all the above methods, I found that calling/emailing them were the most useless as they just kept telling me the same thing over 'n over again, sorry, but it was a mistake, phone calls such as the one I received were outsourced (not my problem), and that I didn't qualify to receive a free phone.

I was soo frustrated about not being heard from the Fido reps, via phone/email, that I told them that I would be recontacting them to speak to a supervisor at my earliest convenience!

(A supervisor did actually call me, but she also sounded like a broken record, sorry, mistake, but you don't qualify, blah, blah, blah.)

Fast-forward a coupla days after speaking to said supervisor...

I received this email from Fido informing me that a new Blackberry would be shipped to me. I was confused and thought it was spam. After all, EVERYONE kept telling me the same thing...that I didn't qualify. And although my simmering anger was slowly cooling down, I had accepted the fact that I would continue to use a cell phone with a broken port 'til I was able to afford a new phone. :(

A coupla days later, as per the email, my new Blackberry arrived!

The arrival sorta left me with the uncomfortable task of calling Fido to ask them whaddup, but I just bit the bullet and called them. It's all good.

I'm not being charge for the phone - someone would've received several lashings of cuss if that happened - and I'd only hafta pay $10 for 1-month of using BBM. <-- Still don't know what this is, but I'll find out.

So currently, I'm on the cheapest plan possible ($17/month!), refusing to pay an extra $11/month for Call Display/Waiting/Voicemail (this $hit should be free as far as I'm concerned), plus I have a new phone that works! +++

Kids, the lesson learned here is that Social Media Shaming WORKS! If a corporation has screwed you over, take it to the streets web. Take every avenue of communication that is possible and they'll get the message!


posted by Stephania at 2:53 pm
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