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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Fido, don't offer things that you cannot deliver!

Dear Fido,

I have a bone to pick with you!

Aside from the occasional bill screw up, that you eventually fixed, you have been good to me since I first got a cell phone - approx. 14 years ago. HOWEVER, this time, you're really in the doghouse!

About 3 weeks ago, one of your female reps first started contacting me, incessantly might I add, about giving me a FREE Blackberry. (It was an extremely hectic time in my life as many things were going on on top of the usual.) Even though the port on my current cell phone was broken, I didn't readily accept the too-good-to-be-true offer. Being the eternal cynic, I asked a lot of questions, including whether or not I had to change my (retention) plan, if there were any additional costs/catches, if so, what were they, etc. etc.

The only catches would be that I would have to add $10 to my plan - for just one month - which would either include unlimited social networking (Facebook, Twitter - no thanks!) or email. AND I would have to sign a contract with them for the next 2yrs. Pretty standard.

So after a few call-backs from the same rep, I accepted. The rep verbally went through the new agreement with me - twice. The second time, she called me back because apparently she provided me with the wrong amount for cancellation fees. So she had to go through the entire agreement with me again just to gave me the correct fees. Annoying, but fine, mistakes happen.

Fast forward 10 days...

I call Fido to ask when my Blackberry would arrive. I am placed on-hold. When the rep returns, he informs me that I would NOT be receiving my Blackberry due to the type of plan that I'm on. Whoa...WHA??? You're not gettin' off that easy, buddy.

I remind the rep that they (Fido) were the ones practically blowing up my phone, calling me day-after-day, trying to get a hold of me to accept a new phone from them. I never asked them for anything.

And if this mistake was discovered AND I didn't qualify because of my plan, how come NO ONE from Fido called me to let me know not to expect a package from them?? Sure, I'd be mad, especially after the initial rep already screwed up and had to go through their longass agreement 2Xs over the phone with me, but not fessin' up to their mistake really ticked my off!

I immediately told the rep that I needed to speak with his supervisor, ASAP. He went on about how he would be able to do more for me than his super by lowering the cancellation fees if I bought a phone from them, suggesting other (more expensive) plans, but I told him that I had no interest in his offerings. I didn't care about BUYING a new phone/paying even MORE for a cell phone plan that were above and beyond my needs, but his higher-up had to hear about this mistake.

After putting me on hold, the rep told me that his super was on the phone with another customer. Fortunately for him, I had to get to work, so I didn't have time to tell anyone else off, so I said that I'd call them back when I had more time.

So Fido, this is YOUR mistake. And not only does it look bad on you, but it looks even worse because you weren't even going to let me know about it. Did your company's integrity go out the window as soon as Rogers took over??

Please don't offer your customers things that you cannot deliver!

This is NOT the last that you will hear from me...



posted by Stephania at 10:30 pm
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