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Friday, February 10, 2012

Jesus Freaks

Part I
D points to pics of old, Chinese peeps on his cell phone, i.e. his parents who are older, a childhood nanny, etc.

S: Where are they? Like are they here, back home?

D points upwards.

S: In Markham?

D: No, they're all waiting for me...we're Christians.

S: Ooops, my bad!

Part II
L (Trini, religious coworker): Can I ask you a question? [pause] Are you a Christian?

S: Well, uh...I was, I used to go to church 'n all that stuff.

L looks confused and concerned.

S: Don't worry, I haven't gone that far!

S taps L on the shoulder. L chuckles.

L: Well, you identify Jesus as your Lord & Saviour?

S (sorta creeped): Yeees...

L: I can just sense it. When I hear your voice, I hear the peace of God over you.

S: Umm...okay.


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