Rage Against Suburban Zombie-ism
Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I think I'm racist against White People.

Example #1
How come whenever anyone pisses me off, he's not Indian, Black, Asian (although they come at a close second!), but some Cracker muthafucker??

This is just a generalisation here, based on race, but White Men who look like fuckin' Santa Claus, who ask what you're doing on their street (none of their business, btw), then proceed to print off a Word .doc informing you that you're parked on private property - without consulting his neighbours whether or not they have relatives visiting - and leave it on your windshield (also private property) need to get a effin' life!!!

If he is retired, as he properly is 'cause who has time/motivation to turn on their computer, open the application, SpellCheck, print out a letter,
and then go to the trouble of putting on his shoes, perhaps a jacket, head towards the "offending" vehicle to slip it underneath a stranger's wiper, should beg his kids for grandkids, STAT!

Clearly this man needs a hobby...aside from watching Visitors Parking like a hawk.

And btw, he's also not very smrt as he left his address on the freakin' letter. Ding-dong, paperbag of flaming shit comin' your way!!!

Example #2
[Remove as per request.]

A WASP wouldn't call the cops, but they would call the insurance on yo' ass, and complain about White People problems like whiplash.

White People, why are you not only a continual source of disappointment, but also give me the fuel to add to the anti-White flame?? I, a visible minority, refuse to be threatened by you.

Whiteys, you are WHACK!


posted by Stephania at 9:38 pm
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