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Friday, January 27, 2012

Something I take for granted: Adult Literacy

O, a Nigerian coworker of mine found me alone and confided in me. He asked if I knew anyone/place who can teach him how to write in English. O is a very sweet man in his 30s.

O said that he didn't have a problem with his reading, but feels ashamed whenever he wants to compose a message to a friend. His spelling is very poor.

He also showed me his library card, proudly said that it was FREE, and says that he goes there whenever he has time.

O pleaded, "You won't forget, will you??" My heart broke a bit, but fear not, I had the solution! :) I assured him that I had a really good memory!

Just turns out that my bff did volunteer with a United Way-related organisation that teaches adults how to read/write! AND I just happened to be seeing her that night. So I got all the info for O and messaged him right away.

In a country based on immigration, I guess it makes sense that some of these newcomers won't know how to read/write English. Something worth thinking about!


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