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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Awakening the car enthusiast within...

Damn you, Phil Edmonston! I was counting on you to "RECOMMEND", if not rate it "ABOVE AVERAGE" or at least "AVERAGE" the car I want. :(

What the fuck do I do now? Buy a Hyundai Elantra? I realise that Korean car makers have been on the up 'n up for years now, but that's a road that I do not want to go down. Where's the detour sign??

I hope that I don't end up eating my words, but I can't shake the "cheap" imagine of these cars! As most of the AutoTrader listings that I see state, "daily rental". Besides, I do not condone corporate espionage...unless it's a sort of Robin Hood scenario!

I refuse to believe that these are my only other options:
- Toyota Yaris/Matrix/Honda Fit/Mazda2 - All ugly, especially the Yaris. Plus, it's waaay too small. I do not want to rub shoulders with my passenger! Most of the time I see a Yaris, it's being driven by a grandma!
- Honda Civic/Toyota Corolla - BORING. Besides, Civic is one of the most expensive cars to insure here in the urban parts of Southern-Ontario. Boo.
- Nothing American - By robbing Peter to pay Paul, they've tarnished their reps! Sorry guys, I can't support you or your crappy products!
- VWs - HELL 2 DA NO! Yes, body is solid, car doesn't feel as though it's gonna blow over when a transport drives by it on the highway. However, what's underneath the hood is a pile of pooh that not only breaks down, but costs an arm + leg to fix!

Currently, I'm obsessed with researching cars. In fact, I've awakened my inner, stereotypical, 20-something, Asian male. I'm a carhead.


posted by Stephania at 6:34 pm
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