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Sunday, December 04, 2011

Best Buy Online,

More Like WORST Buy!

'Twas the Monday after Black Friday, and since I didn't score any BF deals, it was time to play catch up. My mom's bday was coming up, she mentioned something about wanting a HDMI cable, so I popped on over to Best Buy to check out their Cyber Monday Sale. BIG MISTAKE.

Fail #1: After trying to sign on, several times, using their password retrieval that never worked, I ultimately ended up registering with another email address. To be exact, Best Buy emailed me a new password 3-4 times before I gave up.

Fail #2: For some reason, after entering all my credit card info. and mailing address, I was unable to add the 6' HDMI cable. Initially, I thought it was because they ran out of stock. However, seeing that it just past the stroke of midnight, shortly after Cyber Monday began, that explanation just seemed impossible.

After trying to add it to my cart, I just received a notice, in red font, saying that they couldn't process either the item or the quantity (1).

Out of frustration, I just ordered the 12' and that order seemed to go through. A few minutes later, I tried, yet again, to order the 6' - a more appropriate length - and that went through as well. The problem is that since I ordered them separately, they would arrive as such, and I would be charged twice for shipping!

Finally after 2AM, I went to bed. I'll call Best Buy in the AM, to put both cables into 1 order. That shouldn't be difficult, right? Wrong.

Fail #3: Monday morning, as soon as I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes, I picked up the phone to call Best Buy. After being on hold for what seemed like an eternity, my shoulder was hurtin' soo bad that I put the Speakerphone on. 20 minutes later, someone finally picks up the phone. After asking me for my name, mailing address, and phone number, she mutters something about transferring me to another department, where I'm put on hold again...for another 20 minutes.

Fail #4: A male finally picks up, asks me for my name, mailing address, and phone number, and proceeds to tell me that I have been transferred to the WRONG department. I am placed on hold yet again to continue this waiting game. Why do these people keep asking me to provide my details when I have my order numbers readily available??

Another male picks up the phone, asks me for my details again, and tells me that unfortunately, I cannot combine the orders. Fine. He does mention that it is not too late to cancel one of my orders so that I don't have to pay for the double shipping fee. I voice my frustration of being on hold for more than 40 minutes, being shuffled around to various associates, and he apologises.

Later on that day, I do take his advice and cancel one of the cables.

A couple of days later, my cell phone rings early in the AM. I ignore it and go back to bed. Later on, I check my voicemail to hear an ominous, automated phone call from Best Buy asking me to return their call so that they can "verify" my order. Verify my order? Who are they, Pizza Pizza?? I provided all my details, numerous times mind you, AND most importantly, credit card information so what else do they need from me, a blood sample??!!

Fail #5: I call the dreaded 1-800 number and instead of being served immediately, I find myself in that purgatory of "Your call is important to us" which is repeated every other minute.

As soon as a BB associate picked up, she doesn't ask me for clarification of my VISA number, but instead, my name, mailing address, and phone number...again. Is it February 2nd? 'cause it's beginning to look a lot like Groundhog's Day!

Fail Infinity: Today, I receive both an email AND another automated phone call saying they are unable to process my order. WTH. What happened between our last phone call, when we played nice and one of your associates told me that everything was okay?

Thank you Best Buy for wasting my time on a freakin' 12' HMDI, $9.99 cable!!!

Happy birthday, mom! Sorry that I do not have a gift for you. Please read the above post as I'm too exhausted to explain.


posted by Stephania at 8:19 pm
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