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Tuesday, December 27, 2011


"Whatever You Like"

It's time for a new ride. I wish it were as easy as T.I. makes it out to be, and that someone would drops stacks on me, but it ain't happenin'. So 'til my T.I. shows up, I'm fendin' for myself.

Although it's all I can afford right now, I refuse to downgrade to a cheap piece of American shit! (Sorry, I only buy foreign.) I ain't jumpin' from one money pit onto another. I wanna upgrade in classy, old, but pimpy, Whitey stylez. <-- And NO, I ain't talking about no Toyota Tercel!

I personally don't blow through lotsa dough foolishly, but instead, spend shrewdly where it counts. Even if I had a million dollars, my spending habits would probably be about the same. Just less thought/worries.

It'll be tight for a while, but let's make this shit happen! *crosses fingers*

Btw, this is probably the worst lyrics/message that I've ever seen in a music video. Ever.


posted by Stephania at 10:45 pm
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