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Friday, December 09, 2011

Facebook Creator GetsFACEBOOK CREEPED!

Yesterday's news reported that there was a bug in Facebook's security which ultimately lead to private photos of FB's creator, Mark Zuckerberg's being leaked. Sorta ironic, non? Anyway, that's not the creepy part.

APPARENTLY, and I didn't know this tidbit, Mark likes to only eat meat of animals that he kills himself! Umm...eww. I even find deboning chicken sans feathers, that doesn't even resemble the animal while it's alive, gross.

Not a complete deal-breaker, especially for an oligarch, but just don't expect me to partake in the savagery which includes eating Foghorn Leghorn, Miss Piggy, or even that ugly cow that appears on those nonsensical, Got Milk? commercials. And definitely don't include me as a huntin' buddy! :(

I'm well aware that once you hit millionaire status, you hafta develop some kinda eccentricity, so what's wrong with philandering, extortion, &/or tax evasion?

P.S. Thanks for letting us know about this glitch! Let the Facebook creepin' of other's photo albums begin...


posted by Stephania at 12:04 pm
ewwww...Rich people are weird!
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