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Tuesday, December 06, 2011

AMW Got Picked Up By Lifetime!

1. What the fuck is Lifetime? Not to be confused by the channel personally touched by the hand of God, Hallmark. I'm guessing that it's affiliated with Lifetime Movie Network, another precious ornament!

By the looks of it, Lifetime looks like the American equivalent to Canada's Slice, W Network, & other channels favoured by bored housewives. Their programming is a mix of Reality TV, shit that I've never heard of, sprinkled with moments like Unsolved Mysteries and of course their latest addition, America's Most Wanted.

2. I realise that no one, with the exception of hillbillies with a shot-up car in their front lawn, the actual fugitives that are being featured, and me, give a shit about this news. But hey, it's my blog, so I can write about whatever the hell I want!

AND most importantly,

3. WE. DON'T. GET. LIFETIME. IN. CANADA. So this silver lining, amid a cloudy sky, is basically null and void.

AMW, I'm not sure how many OR what the other channels on the negotiating table were, but couldn't you have stuck to a major network? The premise of the show is ultimately to get fugitives caught, no? So how large of an audience even get Lifetime and would watch it, to be able to identify these bad guys?


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