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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

To Sasha

A coupla days ago, I found out that my cat has cancer. About two years ago, I took her in for what I thought was a stubborn ear infection. No matter how much I cleaned it, it just kept on coming back.

Finally, after a coupla vet visits, not to mention $$$ in bills, the vet discovered that there was some kinda growth in which the infection was gathering behind. So no matter how much I cleaned it, it would've still been infected.

At the time, I had the option of sending out the growth for a biopsy, but I decided against it for financial reasons AND with the hope that the removal of the growth would ultimately solve the ear infection.

Fast forward 2 years...

Once again, her "ear infection" came back with a vengeance. I would see trails of blood crusts on my bed, floor, and wherever else she would go. Whenever she would come near me, I'd smell the stench which can only be described as "pussy" or if you wanna be polite, rotten fish.

2-3 visits to the vet and various ointments/antibiotic/inflammatory shots later, my vet decides to send off a sample for testing. He did mention the c-word, but reassured me that we shouldn't think about it 'til the results come back.

After a week+, I called my vet and he gave me the dreaded diagnosis: something-something carcinoma which is particularly aggressive in the ear canal. My options? See a pet oncologist/cancer specialist, paying thousands of dollars for no guarantee OR wait 'til I see telltale signs that she is suffering and then put her down.

The former: I am not rich, so I cannot afford to toss thousands of dollars into the wind...especially without any kind of guarantee. The later: Who do I look like, Madonna? I am not heartless. I do not want to simply and painfully sit and wait 'til my cat looses her shit. I'm also not a particularly passive person, so this option would just KILL ME.

Since neither option appeals to me, right now, I'm at the stage where I am collecting information, i.e. thinking about seeking a second opinion, holistic treatments, or submit my cat to medical trials at the Ontario Veterinary College (UofG).

This may sound barbaric, but I swear I read it online, would having my cat's ear amputated make cancer go bye-bye? I mean that's something that I'd hafta do if I had breast cancer, so the idea itself isn't too out there, is it?

Thinking about my cat's possible death has made me draw a sad comparison: Is what I'm currently faced with somewhat similar to what it must be like if I was a po' American? Are there people walkin' 'round with melon-sized lumps, on the side of their necks, because they're simply too scared and too poor to go to the doctor?

Thinking about my cat's possible death has also made me reflect on my own mortality.

P.S. If you've found this post by doing a google search and currently going through the same thing, I FEEL YOU!


posted by Stephania at 5:16 pm
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