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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Fatty in atribute.

(Sorry, that was waaay too easy, but my inner-bully just had to!)

I've been on What-the-fuck-happened-the-Christina-Aguilera ever since that Cher movie came out...which was before The Voice.

In the Cher movie, Christina was visibly curvier. Whatever, fat happens. However, in The Voice, not only did Xtina gain even more weight, but + wore waaay too much make-up + had that terrible weave!

Anyway, her most recent public appearance, at the Michael Jackson Tribute, 'Michael Forever' was the height of white hot mess. She can still belt, but this is a far cry from "Genie in a bottle"! It's just all too much. Too much (fake) hair, make-up, skin, joo-ree, and yes, weight.

(Sometimes people who put on a lot of weight try to overcompensate with lotsa flair which doesn't address the actual problem, but rather draws even more attention to the obvious.)

According to the rumour mill, Christina has been hittin' the bottle a bit too hard. If this is what being a wino looks like, thank God I don't drink on a regular basis.

I'm also thankful that I revisited these pics because it basically motivated me to move a 50lb NordicRider up to my room! No joke. Fat's not welcomed in this bod, no siree!


posted by Stephania at 10:04 pm
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