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Wednesday, October 05, 2011






After a recent trip to my neighbour, south of the border, I've cracked the code as to why Americans are overweight: cheese + deep fried everything + too much salt/sugar in the form of processed foods, including fast food!

At an Olive Garden, which exemplifies typical American "Italian" cuisine, they offered to put cheese on everything that they served. Why would I want shredded cheese atop my soup or pizza for that matter? That's like putting fat on top of fat!

Wanna make something yummier? Deep fry the shit outta it and the masses will come flocking!

There is also waaay too much salt/sugar. To be fair, a lot of it in buried under a list of ingredients which most people don't bother reading. I was looking through loaves of bread and 1 of them listed high-fructose corn syrup as a main ingredient! Since I didn't want sweet bread, I'm guessing that the HFCS serves as a preservative.

Another example is that things that are supposed to be healthy, e.g. salad, are made completely UNHEALTHY by adding cheese + too much salt/sugar. When I ordered a salad, I forgot to ask to have the dressing on the side and when it arrived, it was super salty! So not even salad is sacred anymore.

Tip: Ask what kind of dressing is available, opt for a non-creamy dressing, basic oil/vinegar one...on the side. Skip the croutons!

In comparison to Canada, eating out in the States - not at a Chez Pierre - is generally CHEAPER! It is far easier and relatively affordable to drive* to a restaurant as opposed to actually gathering all the ingredients/cooking something. We get into trouble if we leave our health in the hands of McD et al!

On a positive note, Americans do have pretty amazing chip flavours that we can't get here.

*Other reasons for becoming a fatty: lack of exercise + overload in carbs. I was standing in front of a pizza place, in a food court, trying to find out the price of a slice. I couldn't find the $$, but there was a sign letting their customers know that a slice of pizza did come with 6 garlic knots + a large pop! Problem.


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