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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Missoni for Target:Highlights

The above look is a bit much when worn altogether, but I like the jumper. Hopefully the quality of the knit material is decent. Floppy hats look dumb on me.

I'd wear the cardigan/maxi skirt separately, but not together!

Wellies, like the above, should NEVER be $200+! So this is a good opportunity to get some cute rainboots on-the-cheap. ;)

I *love* patterned/coloured tights! The accessories of the Missoni + Target collabo seem to be the real standouts. Other accessories include: socks, purses/clutches, makeup pouches + patterned brushes, hairbands/clips, headscarves, etc. The home decor look nice too.

Missoni didn't leave out the men in your life! Again, hopefully this sweater isn't 100% acrylic. *yikes*

How frickin' awesome is this bike?? According to some comments, this retro rider is priced at $399.99!

Starting today, September 13 - October 22, Target will be selling the Missoni for Target line. While supplies last. Click here to check out the full lookbook!


posted by Stephania at 12:17 am
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