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Thursday, September 01, 2011

Man UP!

One of my biggest pet peeves is when people don't take ownership of their mistakes.

The rule is this simple: You make a mistake, recognise the error of your ways, and follow up with an action, i.e. A FUCKIN' APOLOGY FOR YOUR FUCK UP.
Done. Good karma restored. If not, you'll be cursed for life, muthafucker!

I'm talking in general, but even for small issues too. It's just damn irritating when people make up excuses, shift the blame (on a natural disaster of all things), and other little bitch moves that basically say, "It wasn't me"!

Case in point: Bought dress off eBay. Seller said that it would cost $35 for shipping from the States. WAAAY high, should be like $10, but whatevs. Immediately, I pay up and for that price, I do expect a faster method of shipping.

4 days later, I receive a notice that she
finally shipped the dress. Umm...excuse me? If I pay you $35 fuckin' dollars, you'd better get your ass to the post office pronto!

As a seller myself, I do this for my customers. If only 1 person out of a few buyers pay, then I'll wait another day for more people to pay up, but I will not wait 4 whole days.

(Besides, eBay's policy states that a seller MUST ship within 3 business days of receiving the payment. I'm not German, but a day late = a day late.)

Aside from the Canada Post strike, it's NEVER taken me 4 freakin' days to mail something out. If this were to happen, I would contact all the affected buyers, apologise with a reason -
not an excuse, and include their tracking numbers in the same email. This would be especially true if someone paid me for premium shipping.

Anyways, I emailed the seller today, tell her that I haven't received the item, and ask her for a tracking number. Her response? She claims that post offices in her area were closed due to Hurricane Irene.

Are you fuckin' kiddin' me?? Do you think I live in a flippin' igloo and have no access to CNN/internet? Listen bitch, the auction ended 8/22, you didn't send out the item 'til 8/26 (
late!), and the "hurricane" wrapped on ~8/27. So why would the post offices be closed the day PRIOR to a natural disaster? Furthermore, you live in fuckin' Brooklyn, NY. Irene wasn't even a thing, it just caused some minor flooding, so why are you even tryin' to play me a fool??

And why didn't you send me the tracking number at the time of dispatch? Don't you think you sorta owe me a tracking number since you're already gauging me for shipping?

I swear, once I receive the package, if the postage is less than $35, I will report yo' ass!

Like Elton John said, sorry does seem to be the hardest word. And it truly is a sad, sad situation...


posted by Stephania at 11:28 pm
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