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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Jew-Who App = Racist??

Whoever created this app is a genius! I would *definitely* use this, if I had an iPhone.

I'm no computer programmer, so even if I had conceptualised this idea, I wouldn't have the technical know-how to create such an app.

(Damn my no-techie self 'cause I could've been a gazillionaire by now!)

Too bad it's only useful for famous/celebrity Jews tho' and not the Everyday Jew. It would be a bonus if they had a last name look-up &/or a facial recognition feature...even if the results were "Possibly A Jew", "No, Just Italian", or a flat-out, "Hell No"!

It would be very interesting if this app collected data of its users and whether or not they were Jews or Gentiles. Since Jews subscribe to the "it takes one to know one" mentality, I'm thinking that they wouldn't be the ones downloadin' this shit. HOWEVER, every Jew I know always wants to know whether or not someone else is Jewish and they just end up google people, instead of asking 'cause they don't want to look a fool.

So I don't really get why this app is considered racist when it's basically a google search engine with a specialised interface.

Click here to read news story of this "Jew Or Not Jew" App.

***Update: Click here to read James Cave's (iPhoneBloggers) interview with the creator of the App, Johann Levy.***


posted by Stephania at 11:30 pm
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