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Monday, September 19, 2011



Over the weekend, I saw the new Ryan Gosling movie, Drive. It boggles my mind that he hasn't blown up more than he deserves after starring in films such as The Believer (2001), Half Nelson (2006), & Blue Valentine (2010).

So 2011 may just be Gosling's year with Crazy, Stupid, Love. + Drive + the upcoming, The Ides of March!!! With the exception of Ides, I've watched both these films already. And although the plot of Ides doesn't interest at all, e.g. politics 'n conspiracies, I still intend to watch it just based on Gosling alone. I really don't get the whole George Clooney thing.

If you plan to watch Drive, I recommend that you DON'T watch the trailer or read too many reviews. Going in, I just knew that the film was getting really good reviews and in the end, I liked the film even more! Pay particular attention to the way it's paced, filmed, styled, lit, and Cliff Martinez soundtrack.

Anyway, I'm really excited for Gosling's overdue recognition from Hollywood 'cause I have a vested interest. I've been a fan since, not as far as Mickey Mouse Club, but BREAKER HIGH, re:

P.S. Even though I was in uni at the time, I *loved* this show about high school being on a cruise ship! It was soo blown up in my mind, I wanted that this show to last forever 'cause I wanted to write for it.


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