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Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Letter About Beef

Yo homegurl,

You know I've gotz beef with her, so why be tryin' to make us buds, yo? Are you as thick as I am stubborn?

You know exactly why I don't like her, re: she left egg on my face! (I am a Leo and my pride is a big deal.) And I know that was ancient history, that I'd be willing to toss out the window, but to make things worse, bitch boldface IGNORES me each and every time I run into her.

Recently, she had an opportunity to make things better by chimin' in on an email chain that you pulled me into, but...nada. Haven't heard a peep outta her, especially since you set me up that time, trying to do her a favour!

So why don't you do me a favour and please stop injectin' her into my life?! I fuckin' told her to her face how she did me wrong, so it's no mystery, and if she mans-up, then fine. The past, is the past. However, I cannot deal with arrogant people who do not take ownership of their missteps; and furthermore act as though there are absolutely no consequences to them.

The olive branch is there, she just needs to make the effort to touch it...

I know you mean well, but sometimes you are clueless. Unless she's inviting me out to lunch, please don't mention her name to me again!

I. am. dead. serious.,

P.S. Not sure if this makes any difference, but I've spent a good chunk of the day watching Geordie Shore AND I'm getting my period!


posted by Stephania at 10:36 pm
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