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Tuesday, July 05, 2011

The Bottled Water Dilemma

I hate the idea of bottled water. So to steer away from it, I try to drink water that has been previously boiled from a kettle. On the go, I use a stainless steel, Oggi canteen, filled with boiled water OR cooler water at work. <-- I hope that's filtered!

Lately though, I've gotten lazy to wash/air-dry the canteen. In addition, I've dropped it a few times, so it's all dented, and doesn't stand up properly. Furthermore, the plastic around the lid has cracked, so it's not going to last much longer.

Recently, I discovered a relatively inexpensive solution, the water bobble! Designed by a Canadian, and probably one of the most famous industrial designers, Karim Rashid, the water bobble looks like a plastic water bottle, but it comes with a colourful spout that doubles as a carbon filter.

I've been using the bobble for about 2 weeks now and here's my pro/con list:

- Unlike boiling water, the bobble can be used instantly...just fill it with water straight from the tap. Yeah, I can finally drink cold water without hours of refrigeration!
- Makes me drink more water
- Cheaper, more green than bottled water
- 1 filter = 300 water bottles
- BPA-free
- Lightweight
- Doesn't leak
- Great for travelling, especially at the airport. Arrive with it empty, fill at the water fountain after customs

- Probably not a good idea to use hot water or water enhancers such as slices of fruit, green tea with this product
- 3 sucks = 1 gulp for me. The suction system doesn't dispense enough water...without a lot of effort!
- The packaging states, "Do not use where water is microbiologically unsafe or of unknown quality", so it's no miracle worker!
- Uncertainty of when to replace filter. Do I just guestimate how many times it's been used before buying a new one?
- Bottle and filter (~$7) do eventually have to be replaced at a cost

Verdict? The bobble is a great replacement that'll get you off bottled water. Due to the somewhat constricted flow from the spout, it may not be a first choice, especially for athletes, but it costs less than bottled water and it's a good option for travellers.


posted by Stephania at 6:54 pm
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