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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

11" width ORlength??

This has gotta be some kinda hyperbole, but I read this morning that the REAL reason for the J.Lo-Marc Anthony split was because Jenny couldn't take Skeletor's 11" thick penis. That's basically, the circumference of a baby doll's head!

If this rumour is true, then God sure has a cruel sense of humour! Look at this man's face. *shivers*

...then it sorta makes sense why J.Lo even got together with him in the first place! Unless he has some spectacular personality + a bottomless bank account. Former, probably not. Latter, not anything that matches Jenny's account!

...isn't 11" - either girth or length - sorta being GREEDY?? I mean gosh, initially it'll probably get you, but I'm almost positive that it wouldn't feel good.

...that thing should be displayed in a museum of "natural" science/a porn, not inside a lady! Owie!

Click here to read the story.


posted by Stephania at 7:24 pm
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