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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Don't even try to sell me fakes
and pass them off as real!

I just received a pair of fake Ray-Ban Rainbow Aviators in the mail, purchased from eBay. Not impressed.

After I removed them from the fake RB case, I more or less knew that they were fakes!

Here were the telltale signs of their fakery:
- nosepiece was literally pressed towards the lens. I literally just bent it back into place with my fingers;
- plastic earpiece was unfinished, jagged, scratches ear when I put them on;
- flimsy construction;
- strange smell, like Payless/pleather, most likely from the case;
- RB markings were printed on, very small, unclear, and in the wrong spot. The 'RB' that was embossed on the metal part of the nosepiece was sloppily done, again not clear, and;
- gold colour of metal frames are waaay too yellow.

I don't do fakes and sure as hell not gonna pay 50 quid for 'em! So go sucker someone else.

My people basically invented the word 'counterfeit', so if you're gonna sell fakes to someone with a remotely Asian sounding last name...BEWARE. I will bust you!


posted by Stephania at 1:03 pm
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