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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Versace forH&M

I wasn't gonna blog about this...that is 'til Donatella's face inspired me to do otherwise! Like gosh, what was wrong with your face before, re:

Do you really hate yourself that much to undo God's work, but I digress...

H&M has just announced that their next designer collaboration will be none other than Versace. When I heard this news, I wasn't all that excited just 'cause their previous collabs have been overrated, re: Madonna (*puke* and all-black), Lanvin (all Monets - up-close they were a big ol' mess, tees were reminiscent of clothes from Chinatown), & Jimmy Choo (disappointment, shoes were cheap!).

Oh and, for some reason, H&M always rolls out these guest-designer lines at certain flagship stores, downtown, so I hafta haul my ass there, hours ahead of time, and stand in a line for mediocrity. I don't think so!

SO...with that sort of history, there isn't much Versace has to do in order to have a runaway hit. Due to the hype, these lines ALWAYS sell-out, but the question remains: Will it be any good? Obviously, I don't expect them to be made in Italy, but as you may know, there's a fine line between the flamboyant styles of Versace and just plain ol' tacky, think: Hot Topic or certain-Roberto Cavalli.

The ingredients are there, but they can be used for either good or bad!

Take a sneak peek at Versace x H&M collaboration here. Aside from blacks + nudes, I certainly hope that it'll feature a wider range of colours!


posted by Stephania at 1:57 pm
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