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Thursday, June 09, 2011

I hate wearing glasses.

Since I was in grade 5, I've needed to wear glasses. And I'm not why I'm just realising this right now, but I hate wearing glasses...especially when it's hot!

Maybe you can relate if you need corrective vision, but here are some of my reasons I dislike wearing glasses:
- I feel tired. It's sorta like leaving the house sans fards, something's incomplete. In fact, when I wear my glasses out in public, at least 1 person will comment that I look "tired", "sick", or "pasty".

- What's the point in putting on eye make-up if I'm wearing glasses? Wearing glasses + wearing eye make-up shouldn't be synonymous, but they are for me.

- I see better with my contacts. During a recent lapse in my contacts lenses, my eyes felt fatigued and strained, especially when I needed to see something that's further in the distance.

- I don't look good in glasses. It doesn't matter how expensive or what brand the frame is, but whenever I'm photographed, I shudder at my glasses self. I just not a glasses person!

- And lastly, I LOVE SUNGLASSES. As soon as it's bright enough, I always have my sunnies handy!

For now, I think I'll stick to my contacts and save the glasses for those times that I'm actually tired/sick!

Btw, the above round aviators are Chanel 4190tq from their S/S2011 line that I'm eyeing. I'm also looking at a pair of Ray-Ban 3407 Outdoorsman II Rainbow - in either orange or violet - but RB aviators look re-re on me!


posted by Stephania at 5:32 pm
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