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Monday, June 06, 2011

I am not wearing these.

Dear Birkenstock,

Your sizing chart is WRONG! Usually, I'm a size 5.5US and even smaller in sandals for some reason in a 5US. So, if I were to follow your chart, I should be a 36EU. Uh, yeah riiight!

In a store, I put on a 36 and it is at least 2 sizes too big! I also tried on a 35, also too big. Finally, I tracked down a 34 - in the "kids section" - and it fit perfectly. Unfortunately, the styles/colours were very limited and I refuse to wear anything that will make me look even more childlike, re: Disney Birks.

Since there are many women with the same size feet as me, I know of at least 2 others, why don't you extend your women's smallest size to 34 instead of 35 - especially considering that your shoes run large anyway?

Thank you for your attention,



posted by Stephania at 6:42 pm
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