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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Chivalry Isn't Dead...

(because there are always new immigrants to Canada. ;) )

While out for coffee, J, a single girlfriend of mine, and I were observing an interracial couple in their mid-20s: The girl was Black and the guy was Eastern European, complete with an accent.

It was most likely a first date and things seemed to be going well as per their body language. They were leaning into each other, and most importantly, no tumbleweeds blew through their conversation.

Anyway, with the couple in the background, J commented about how European men are "different"...in a good way.

(This comment sounds like a sweeping generalisation, but it was made based on J's experiences, past and present.)

Immediately, I took J's comment, reflected on my past, and agreed with her: There is a vast difference between how North American (NA) and European Men treat women. In addition, for the most part, as per my experience, NAs have no clue how to court us!

Hindsight is always 20/20, but I can safely say that NAs try to do the right thing, as per what they see in movies/tv shows and other media, but being chivalrous just doesn't come naturally to them. It's not entirely their fault though 'cause I honestly believe that chivalry is not so much taught, but imparted by their mothers.

So if a man makes a date with you and never shows up, doesn't walk you to your car, especially after dark, open doors for you, offer you a snack without prompting, lies/cheats/steals, and doesn't treat a woman how she should be treated, blame his mother!


posted by Stephania at 11:29 pm
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