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Sunday, May 15, 2011

The economy's still bad.

If you've read any of my posts about Christian Louboutin, you'll know what I think about them: They're overpriced and overrated. Furthermore, they're difficult to wear, especially for ladies who have wider feet or other orthopedic issues.

The last CLs that I purchased were my absolute last attempt to wear these shoes! I just can't do it. If I pay good money for shoes, I shouldn't be having major heel slippage or be spending additional $$ for padding &/or resoling.

Anyway, since I couldn't wear 'em, I decided to sell them on eBay in the attempts to recoup my lo$$es. The model retails for $595US, but instead of a straight auction, I decided to do a "Buy It Now" and offer a "Or Best Offer". I have never used either of these options before.

Since the shoes aren't brand new, although there is next to no wear on the red soles, I am offering them at a fair price. Much lower than other listings.

So far, I've received 2 offers. Both of which were 50% less than asking price. Frankly, I find these these ridiculous offers insulting and indicative of the current economy. Therefore, things still aren't great, south of the border. :(

I have a whack load of other stuff, waiting to be listed, but judging by how things are going on eBay, I'd rather hang onto my merch!


posted by Stephania at 2:48 pm
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