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Monday, May 09, 2011

Chanel 3210 Frames

(Even the model can't keep a straight face!)

I realise that these Spring/Summer 2011 frames are bordering on pedo/Terry Richardson/safety goggles. However, I like them and was this-close to buying them.

What changed my mind, last minute, was the side-view (while I was wearing 'em), that the frames themselves weren't thicker - I prefer bolder frames, and the fact that they probably wouldn't go with a cocktail dress!

The oval-shaped frames that I ended up getting, wrapped 'round my face better, with thicker acetate, and therefore were bolder, and in general, slightly more versatile. Nice, but boooring...sorry to disappoint.

(Yes, I got 'em even though they look were more 'normal' than the above retro 3210 frames! Maybe this is a sign that I am finally growing up? Never! ;)

Anyway, kudos to anyone who picks up these rad, square aviators!


posted by Stephania at 12:39 am
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