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Thursday, April 07, 2011

Do you have "The Fever"?

Quickly: I am currently reading J.C. Davies' I Got The Fever which the author herself kindly sent me a copy of - Thank you, J.C.!

I Got The Fever introduces its reader to the world of interracial dating, in particular: Latino (check), Asian (not really, see below), Black (nope - dunno why 'cause I'm pretty dope!), Indian (err...I wouldn't really use the term "dated"), and Jewish (check).

What about the "Italian Stallion" or "Irish Curse" stereotypes? Do I sense a sequel to this book?

I just started reading it last night and I'm currently on the second culture of the book, "Yellow Fever". Kinda skimming through this portion as it doesn't really apply to me as Asian guys are scared of me.

Not sure if this is a result of growing up in Southern-Ontario, in a relatively large, multicultural city, but there hasn't been any real revelations as of yet. For example, I was surprised to hear that Latinos are known to be well-endowed, as that wasn't my experience, but I wasn't shocked that their family home may contain a Jesus shrine.

My reading and education continues...

P.S. If I rode the bus, I wouldn't hesitate to whip this book out and read it in public! I think it would be pretty hilarious.

Click here to see a book trailer for I Got The Fever.


posted by Stephania at 8:37 pm
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