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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Disappointment Is My Boyfriend

(Oh, disappointment, I'm your girl. Well, for the time being anyway.)

I don't like when people victimise themselves, but I'm currently in an alright place, so would you just allow me this one time?

Sometimes, when the clouds seem like they're finally about the break and I can see sunlight pushing through, the clouds close right up, the sky darkens, and it starts to rain.

In other words, I wouldn't say that disappointment is my constant companion, but he's more like herpes. You know you have it, kinda-sorta forget about it, and every once in a while, when you least expect it, it makes an appearance! BOOM.

I say this with some hesitation, but I don't think I ever allow myself to get ecstatic 'cause it seems like disappointment is just lurking in the background...ready to lunge and break up the party.

Not so much to vent, but I also wanted to put it out there in case anyone has the same sentiment about disappointment. I feel you. Maybe I should just squeeze out some babies now and call it a life!

Lately, whenever things haven't been going my way, I think of my friend, N. 2010-now has been super rough for her and she's still standing. And even though it's my motherland's war enemy, I also think of Japan and things don't seem that bad in comparison. :(

In any event, disappointment won't get me down 'cause I'm pretty resilient. Disappointment, I want to break up with you...

Lykke Li's"Sadness Is A Blessing"


posted by Stephania at 7:18 pm
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