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Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Pattern Post

I'm on the look out for the following things:

1. The Perfect Striped Shirt or Maxi-Tank Dress:
non-clingy, with stripes that aren't too thick or thin,
in a bold colour, preferably in a nautical theme.

I know what they say about horizontal stripes,
but I think anyone can wear them,
depending on the cut and distribution of thick/thin stripes!

2. Polka Dot something or other,
whether it would be a blouse, pants, or dress.

I wish I saved my style from the early '90s! ;)

3. A Leopard Jacket/Coat...vintage!
The above is the perfect print,
not too big, small, and classic colour.

I was gonna say that the only hard 'n fast rule about patterns is to keep it to one item/outfit. However, I'll admit that on occasion, I've worn more than one pattern at a time, but they weren't both bold patterns, as per the above.

Conclusion: There aren't any rules! Just as long as the outfit works on you and you aren't making people dizzy by not having any safe place for their eyes to land.


posted by Stephania at 6:49 pm
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