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Monday, April 18, 2011

My Vice:SHOES!

If I were to pick one thing, wardrobe-wise, where I don't mind spending money, it's on shoes. (This is above clothing, accessories, handbags, etc.) For the most part, shoe shopping here is just dreadful!

I refuse to buy shoes from mall stores like Aldo, Spring, and definitely
no Payless. On the higher-end, shops like Browns and Town Shoes are expensive, and there's rarely anything that turns my crank...and happens to be in my size!

I've had a few pairs of Louboutins, but haven't found a style that I've liked enough to keep. I'm not sure if this applies to the entire brand, but they're very
uncomfortable. Keep in mind that they're not made for people with wider feet. And the reason why many celebs wear 'em, even fat ones, is that they 1) either put up with discomfort &/or 2) have personal lasts made of their foot so that their CLs are basically custom fit.

In all honesty, they're
overrated. I like the "idea" of them, the workmanship, colours, styles, how they look in general, but they're not worth the price tag. (I'm much to practical for that shit!) I'm gonna get a bit Suzie Orman, but especially in this economy, it's smarter to save your pay cheques, ladies.

Anyway, one of the "easiest" pair of Louboutins to wear are the Simples,
see below. I guess it's 'cause they don't taper too narrow at the toes, but they're still too narrow for me. :( I could do it, but they'll definitely stretch out! I also find that there's a lot of slippage, so again, they're not "easy" for me. Plus, they're what, $600+HST (hefty sales tax), no thanks!

About two weekends ago, I spotted a pair of
Stuart Weitzman Platswoon Heels, see above. At around $300 (on US websites), $355 at Browns, they're more than a suitable alternative to Christian Louboutin Simples!

The Platswoons are very similar in shape, with less toe cleavage (yeah - I hate that!), more of a medium fit as opposed to narrow, and they have a slight platform which will hopefully absorb some shock. They're also made in Spain, CLs in Italy, so it's not much of a compromise where quality is concerned.

I have been on the lookout for a coloured - and leopard print! - pair of court shoes and the Platswoons may just fit the bill! I'm aiming to spend less than $355 tho', so the search is on...


posted by Stephania at 8:41 pm
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