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Monday, March 07, 2011

Lake of Dracula (1971)

Japanese starring in Hammer Horror/Christopher Lee-style vampire flicks, who would've thunk it?

It's interesting to see how a genre's formula remains pretty much intact while permeating another continent! One thing that did rattle me was that in the last of this Japanese vampire trilogy, Evil of Dracula (1974), the vampires didn't hafta be "invited" into a room before they were able to barge in. That didn't sit well with me.

In any event, if you're into old school bloodsuckers, rich coloured film stock, mondo music, and aren't a racist, then check out these films: Vampire Doll (1970), Lake of Dracula (1971), & Evil of Dracula (1974).

Vampire Doll was by far the weakest with a slow plot and really no action 'til the last 10mins of the film.


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