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Thursday, March 31, 2011

PMS Viewing Pleasure:Cronaca di un amore violato (1996)

Despite the fact that it looks as though it was recorded off Rai Italia, I was so so excited when I finally got my hands on a copy of Cronaca di un amore violato, starring the dreamy, Roberto Zibetti. He sorta looks like a scary manorexic now, but whatevs. It's still good.

(I first watched Diary of a Rapist eons ago when Showcase, a Canadian channel, presented movies with an actual intro a la Masterpiece Theatre. How come non-cable movies are always crap now?)

Anyways I was so excited, in fact, I was 'bout to say that I'd watch the movie in Italian. Well, guess what? I just started it and it's in flippin' Spanish, no subs. :(

So it's gonna take me longer, but I'll still re-watch it. Who knows, maybe my memory's shoddy and the movie is crap. (The opening sequence sure are beautiful tho'.) In any event, it's gonna sorta be difficult to figure that out since it's in another freakin' language!

As with my other recent movie watching, a song *must* accompany it and this particular song happens to be...

Kate Bush's
"This Woman's Work"

Even though Luca (Zibetti) is the main character, for some reason, it opens the film with this song. No complaints though 'cause it's lovely - I try not to listen to it much 'cause it's mildly depressing...especially when I'm on my period! :(


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