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Friday, March 26, 2010

What's so bad about a Grow-Op??

Currently, there is a boom in Toronto's housing market. There's gonna be some new fuckin' tax introduced after July 1st, plus there's a limited supply of houses with waaay more buyers. It's a Seller's Market, Supply And Demand, & all that other Grade 12 Economics stuff.

So whenever I'm PMS OCD'g, I'll play amateur real estate agent by sending my sister house listings. L knows this, was house hunting himself, sent me the below, in which I immediately fwd to my sis.

I didn't read the listing in its entirety. I just merely saw the price which is completely unheard of, btw for a detached house anywhere in the GTA, let alone Toronto.

I'm totally lowballing here, but expect to dish out at least $500k for a detached house in a semi-decent area here. And this house may still require renos and is by far a mansion!

Anyway here's the listing:

General Description

Location! Walk To Danforth, 24-Hr Ttc, Shopping, All Other Amenities *Renovator's Delight *Property Being Sold 'As Is' *Seller & Lb Make No Representation Or Warranty Regarding Any Info Which May Have Been Input Into Data Form & Will Not Be Responsible For Any Error In Measurement, Description Or Cost To Maintain The Property *No Survey Available *No Showing Of The Property, Previous Grow House *Interior Pictures Available *Viewing Only After Acceptable Offer**** EXTRAS **** *Buyer Arranges His Own Financing *Seller Has No Knowledge To Uffi Warranty *Buyer To Verify Realty Taxes & Lot Size.

All this can be yours for $137,900. <-- Very cheap, you can't even buy a condo for that amount!!!

Immediately, my sister wrote: You know why that one is so cheap? Read description.

I guess I sorta missed the whole "Previous Grow House" part. I know why meth houses are bad, but what's wrong with a previous grow-op? (Aside from being in some shitty ghetto area that you probably don't want to live in anyway.) Or is "grow-op" a catchall term for drug house, including crack den and meth lab?


posted by Stephania at 7:52 pm
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