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Monday, March 15, 2010

Stephania's Ready 4 Summer!

[Now Playing: Yeasayer's Odd Blood. It was released just after VDay of this year.]

About 3 weeks ago, during our last blast of Old Man Winter, I ordered these Melissa+Campana Corallo jelly shoes off Revolve. Melissa has collaborated with other designers in the past including Vivienne Westwood. Love that line!

Named after a chair they created, the Corallo was designed by Brazilian brothers, Fernando & Humberto Campana. Oddly enough, Brazil is also the home of Havaianas flip-flops and Gisele Bundchen's Ipanema line of sandals. Not sure about Havs, but Ipanemas and the Campana line are made out of sustainable materials. And aside from Havs - which are pretty much everywhere in TO - it's fairly difficult to find Ipanema & Melissa shoes.

Last year, I "splurged" on a pair of Ipanema Seed sandals that I found at Town Shoes. (I used quotation marks 'cause they were like $40CAD for a piece of plastic which I thought, at the time, was a bit mucho.) The colours weren't great (silver, gold, & chocolate brown), but I love them, they're soo sleek+comfortable!

Anyway, I had been eying the Corallos for a while, they were on-sale, I scoured the 'net for a discount code, shipping was free, and what better way to anticipate Summer?

Size-wise, I'm normally a 5.5US in heels and other fancy shoes. However, I read that the Melissa shoes run a bit large. I also had a pair of no name jelly shoes that were a size 5US, so I ordered a size 5US / 35/36EUR / 33/34BRA. They fit great!

Colour-wise, I wanted to go Clear, but I was afraid that it will eventually turn the same colour as a used condom. Besides, translucent Orange was the only colour available.

The shoes came in a cardboard tube, see above. Recylable, I hope. (This packaging probably pisses off shoe salesmen!) After popping the top, an added surprise was the bubblegum smell of the shoes!

My only concern is that despite the padded insoles, I read that the jelly shoes aren't comfortable after a long period of wear. I can't wait to test them out myself and it seems as though I won't hafta wait too long 'cause it's gonna be 16 degrees on Wednesday!

Yeah, warm weather!


posted by Stephania at 5:15 pm
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