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Monday, March 15, 2010

The Last Song (2010)

Oh fuck no. When I read about this Nicholas Sparks x Miley Cyrus collabo, I thought it was just a rumour/really cruel joke. However, this trailer confirms a serious lapse in Sparks' judgment. Perhaps he has a house payment due or other dire money issues?

Sparks is an elegant man who only works with the likes of other elegant people such as Mandy Moore and Channing Tatum, not prostitot pond scum like Miley Cyrus! This is a complete outrage.

Thankfully, and don't quote me on this one, it looks like Greg Kinnear may be the protagonist and not the racist Cyrus. Who am I kiddin'? I'll most likely still be drawn to the theatre...with Kleenex box in-hand!

In any event, it looks like a half-ass job on Sparks part 'cause The Last Song is basically a throw-up of his last screenplay --> screen, Dear John. This time Cyrus plays the artsy "rebel" - she wishes! - who comes into town, there aren't any soldiers, and there's possible Ex-Sex between the father+mother. It's all very Abercrombie. Way to rework a plot and probably still get paid...even more since this "untitled Miley Cyrus project" is some Disney joint!

Anyway, other reasons why I despise Miley Cyrus include: see photo on the right, she says stupid things which lead me to believe the future of America is doomed, and she thinks she hot, but she's a fetus.

If you've seen the entire ugly photo, you'll notice how the Asian guy is the only person not slanting his eyes. And yet he's still sittin' 'round a sea of ignorant Whiteys!

He's probably only there so that these KKK Offspring can use the, "I'm not racist, I have an Asian friend!" excuse.


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