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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Jamie Oliver Exploits America

I thought my eating habits were bad...'til I watched Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution. I've got nothing on Huntington, West Virginia, a.k.a. Fattest City in the US, possibly the world.

The show was pretty eye-opening for me as firstly, a caf in an elementary school? Completely unheard of in these here parts. I didn't see a caf 'til high school and even then, I'd barely ate there since my mom had 3 other mouths to feed! Besides, my caf would serve pizza one day and the next, pizza soup, so...

Secondly, since the school controls the kids' breakfast/lunch, isn't it essentially the school's fault for forming these pizza-for-breakfast & Pepto-Bismol-pink-strawberry-milk eating habits? These youngsters don't fare any better at home as the buffet of processed crap just continues there. Health doesn't seem like an option!

At one point, Oliver was brought to tears when his intentions were misconstrued by the local media and the townspeople. Apparently, some of his quotes were taken out of context and the townspeople thought that the Naked Chef was just there to perpetuate Huntington's stereotype of being "ignorant" and "stupid".

Wiping away the crocodile tears, Oliver claimed that this wasn't the case and that he really "cared" about the town's well-being. Furthermore, all he wanted to do was "help". Umm...yeeeah, right.

I forgive you, Jamie Oliver. You don't hafta tell Huntington the truth 'cause the entire audience is already thinking it!

...and I *love* it!


posted by Stephania at 10:29 am
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