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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Haim Comes Home

Corey Haim's funeral is set to take place on Tuesday in Toronto. Not only will he be buried "back home", but apparently the City of Toronto will be paying for his funeral.

The other Corey, Corey Feldman told Larry King that at the time of his death, Haim was broke and owed the U.S. government $200 000. (USD probably, but close enough!) And if those life insurance commercials are accurate, funerals can cost an upwards of $10Gs!!!

At first, I wasn't sure how I felt about Toronto footing the bill for Haim's funeral. However, I guess there are worse ways of spending our tax dollars, e.g. the mayor of Oshawa approving 2 MBA tuitions for his staffers...on his city's expense OR court fees for some asshole ex-MP was caught DUI and cocaine possession. His penalty? A $500 fine, not to mention a lovely, positive message to the young people of Canada. This shit infuriates me!

If I'm measuring, based on that standard listed above, paying for Haim's funeral is not only money well spent, but a good investment! Think: A less glam version of Pรจ
re-Lachaise in Paris, France where Haim is the only headstoneliner...for now anyway.

(I'm talking outta my ass right now 'cause I don't know whether or not there are other celebs buried in the city!)

Click here to read the CityNews article.

Update: Toronto will not be paying for Haim's funeral. Haim's funeral will be taking place tomorrow at Steeles Memorial Chapel in Thornhill, a very Jewish part of north Toronto.


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