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Tuesday, March 09, 2010

The definition of tacky.

Don't think ill of me, but I watched The Bachelor Wedding, starring Jason & Molly. Actually, I didn't "watch" - I barely "watch" anything anymore - but I just had it on in the background.

Since Jason has such a cowardly past, I was sorta expecting him to repeat history by leaving Molly at the altar...but he didn't. And this made the whole special pretty snoozy. After all, Jason & Mol are the epitome of vanilla!

As their 15 minutes are up in 3-2-1, the pair has decided to hawk their wares on eBay. Classy. If you act fast, you can win an autographed table number card (hand-drawn by Ty) or the above, castaway Neil Lane pearl pendant as modeled by Mol.

According to this story in Us, Jason's Jorg Gray 6500 Chronograph Commemorative Edition watch (as worn by President Obama) was supposed to be up, but I couldn't find it. Maybe Jason had a change of heart? Btw neither $45G Monique Lluillier gown nor engagement ring are up for auction. That stuff is much too good for us commoners!

Profits go towards Project Parachute, a.k.a. Jason Mesnick's savings account, a.k.a. the stoaway nest egg to be shipped off to a Swiss bank account where Molly can't find it once he leaves her ass!


posted by Stephania at 6:14 pm
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